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Renewal Levy Info NOT a Tax Increase

Renewal — Permanent Improvement Levy — November 2021 — No New Taxes

In 1987, the Crestwood Local School District residents approved a 3.5mill permanent improvement levy. Proceeds from this levy can be used to purchase or repair those items in the school district that have a long-term useful life. Typically a five (5) year useful fife or more is utilized when determining the use of these funds. The money from a permanent improvement levy can purchase school busses, school building equipment such as boilers, furnaces, water heaters, water fountains, light fixtures, technology, athletic equipment, and band equipment, etc. It can be used to replace or repair school roofs, cracked sidewalks, windows, as well as for the purchase of new textbooks, desks, and instructional equipment.

It CANNOT be used to pay employees' salaries or benefits.


Our permanent Improvement levy currently raises approximately $430,000 and has been RENEWED every five years since 1987. It is essential that this levy be renewed in November to help continue to keep pace with the upkeep, repairs, and equipment replacement to operate the district.

Points to remember

  • Permanent Improvement levy renewal — November 2021.

  • Renewal! NO NEW TAXES!

  • Renewing this levy is NOT an increase in a homeowner's property taxes.

  • Used for buses, school building repairs, textbooks, desks, computers, etc.

  • CANNOT be used for employees' salaries and benefits.

  • Has been RENEWED every five years since 1987.

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